OpVax Initiative iThreat

Operation Vax Industry Collaboration Helped to Ensure Safety & Security of COVID-19 Vaccine in U.S. & Abroad

iThreat is proud to have been involved in the Operation Vax Industry Collaboration to help ensure the safety and security of COVID-19 Vaccines in the U.S. and abroad, and thanks Hetherington Group and the Healthcare Distribution Alliance for coordinating the initiative and inviting iThreat participation.

Over the course of OPVAX, analysts collected over 105,000 open and dark web sources reporting on potential threats to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. From there, analysts triaged 45,000 of those reports for further analysis—resulting in perpetual risk and vulnerability notifications to the OPVAX team.

iThreat detects, investigates, and mitigates threats to security, brand, reputation, operations, key personnel, intellectual property, and more with its SignalAlert programs. iThreat builds its solutions on decades of investigative experience and jumped at the opportunity to work on the OpVAX initiative.

Our FusionCenter platform was well suited to be a nexus point for threat intelligence data related to the distribution of COVID19 vaccines. The FusionCenter platform provides data categorization, risk level ranking, search, and distribution efficiencies to iThreat analysts and partners, and is an important component of our SignalAlert monitoring and investigations programs.

iThreat CEO, Jeff Bedser offered his thoughts on the initiative:

iThreat found the opportunity to work on this project very exciting and rewarding. Opportunities like this one that assist with gratis services to serve the betterment of the community as a whole are rare. We are truly thankful to Cynthia for allowing us the opportunity to deploy our energies to this common need with such fruitful outcomes.

Hetherington Group has published a full press release on the Operation Vax Initiative.

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