About iThreat

Internet Investigative and Monitoring Specialists

Founded in 1997, iThreat has assisted hundreds of clients with thousands of internet monitoring and investigations, including multiple successful multinational law enforcement operations.

iThreat’s SignalAlert™ efficiently funnels billions of data points to extract and analyze the relevant risk signals that can impact your organization.

Content protection and critical asset defenses

  • The iThreat platform runs 24/7, monitoring open-source and indexed web, as well as the dark web and unindexed deep web.
  • We apply targeted rules to capture highly relevant signal intelligence that is important to our clients’ digital, intellectual, and physical assets.
  • iThreat’s data acquisition and analysis capabilities far surpass internal solutions in run time, cost efficiency, agility, and customization. We help free up our clients’ internal security teams so they can focus on intelligence analysis, not data validation.

Proven threat discovery expertise that businesses count on

  • Our program enhances internal global security, intellectual property protection, legal, and risk management teams.
  • Our unique expertise includes commercial markets, with broad experience in consumer products, pharmaceutical, healthcare, entertainment, and financial verticals.
  • Our team can provide additional investigative support to help you fully understand the nature of critical signals that affect your organization.

FAQ Headline

Where does iThreat source data?
iThreat sources data from every corner of the internet and applies the same rules and funneling process no matter if it’s open-source and indexed web, or unindexed dark web and deep web. If the data is text based we will find it.
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Can SignalAlert detect threats in multiple languages?
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We already have an internal team scanning for online threats. How is iThreat any different?
iThreat scans for data 24/7, internal analysts are limited by work hours. iThreat unburdens your internal analysts from tedious scanning activities so they can concentrate on analysis and investigations. And, if you’re weighing the benefits of building an internal tool to track threats to your organization, you really should talk to iThreat before you make a commitment. You might find (in fact, you will find) that iThreat is significantly more cost effective for your company than populating a team of analysts.
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Can SignalAlert “listen” to video/audio files online?
Only text-based data is scanned. If transcripts exist of the video or audio files, they can be monitored. We can also monitor video/audio titles, author information and comments on or related to videos/audio.
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How much does a SignalAlert monitoring program cost?
We work with organizations of all sizes to create monitoring programs tailored to their needs. To learn more and receive a proposal, please call (609) 806-5000.
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How can iThreat help our company clamp down on intellectual property theft?
iThreat’s SignalAlert IP Lifecycle Protection reports unauthorized content leaks related to your intellectual property. Any text-based indication of theft, misuse, unauthorized use, or threats that compromise the privacy and proprietary nature of your IP can be rooted out no matter where it appears on the internet. Our powerful rules engine and analytical expertise mines relevant data points that help protect your trade secrets, new product development, copyrights, trademarks, and more.
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Is iThreat able to monitor non-mainstream social media platforms?
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