The iThreat Edge: Singular Solutions and Data

  • iThreat examines the whole domain name system — hundreds of millions of domain providers and tens of millions of records — identifying and continuously parsing for new infrastructure
  • We collect passive DNS data daily, as well as .Onion and TOR from the dark net, and indexes for threats to clients
  • We execute regular mapping of infrastructure from every IP address and most domains, including who controls them and their geo-location. We monitor changes in behavior to identify badness in real time
  • Our relationship with controllers of the DNS system and trusted relationships with various anti-abuse organizations provides unique proprietary access to 20+ contracted sources of badness data
  • Our extensive knowledge base of historic data allows for unique evolutionary analysis of IPs, domains and the badness within
  • We utilize daily differences/changes in infrastructure to trigger information gathering
  • Malicious activity is blocked from the start
  • Prevent traffic to high risk infrastructure
  • Phishing defenses pre-event
  • Significantly reduce infection and intrusion vectors

3 Easy Engagement Models With Flexible Delivery Options

One is right for your organization depending on the size and scope of your security operation and your risk and threat tolerance model.

Enriched Data

Enriched Data Services

Platform as a Service

Analyst-Supported Intelligence

The iThreat System Flow

iThreat System Flow