What iThreat Offers

iThreat builds, augments, and supports Threat Intelligence Programs that enable customers to protect their people, assets, and brands with real-time, predictive, actionable intelligence. iThreat goes beyond cyber threats to include focus on higher level strategic threats to businesses, outside of their four walls and network endpoints. Consider some of the outcomes we have been able to achieve for our clients:

  • Anticipate and prepare for protests around Company Events
  • Identify and take down incorrect and malicious web content
  • Monitor for executive’s personal information posted to the Dark Web
  • Plug intellectual property leaks in their supply chain
  • Shutting down counterfeit, black market, and gray market goods that can damage their brands
  • Protect their brands from cyber threats

Threat Intelligence Programs

iThreat builds, augments, and supports rapidly configured, topic based, Threat Intelligence Programs on any topic of concern to your business. For example, you might focus on Executive Protection, Company/Brand Reputation, or want to know whether to expect a protest at your next shareholder meeting. See our brochure on Threat Intelligence Programs to learn more.

LifeCycle Protection Programs

iThreat builds, augments, and supports rapidly configured, Title, Content, or Product specific, LifeCycle Threat Intelligence Programs to help you protect your intellectual property from concept through commercialization.  For example, you might want to protect an upcoming film, book, computer game, digital content, toy, consumer product, or all of the above. See our brochure on LifeCycle Protection Programs to learn more.

Why iThreat is Different

Other providers tend to focus on one specific area, like travel threats, event notifications, or cyber threats. iThreat is different. We bring together all of those sources into one state-of-the-art analysis platform with a flexible technology architecture to deliver Threat Intelligence Programs that are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Tailored to match client needs
  • Predictive, not reactive
  • Go beyond cyber threats to deliver business insight
  • Data agnostic – iThreat has the data sources you would expect, plus our unique sources, plus we can easily integrate yours
  • Combined at your request with expert analysis