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If you’re passionate about innovating online security for the betterment of the Internet, iThreat is the place for you. We’re constantly seeking experienced intelligence professionals who want to both build and augment iThreat’s Global Threat Intelligence Programs for clients drawn from a wide range of industries. We’re a tenacious team of self-starters with innate curiosities and deep desires to learn. If you’re as adaptable as you are communicative, you’re iThreat material.

Current Career Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented intelligence professionals; please send your resume and cover letter to

Openness and Kindness Matter at iThreat

Diversity goes deeper than skin. Inclusion spans more than gender. Here at iThreat we believe openness and kindness foster a welcoming culture. Where anyone can bring their authentic selves. We commit to celebrating what matters—you.

About iThreat

About iThreat

Founded in 1997, iThreat has been on the leading edge of threat intelligence since the early days of the Internet. iThreat is a next-generation threat intelligence, investigative, and analytics firm that focuses automation and expertise to generate near-real-time, prescriptive, predictive, and ultimately actionable intelligence programs. iThreat is focused on commercial markets, with unique expertise in the technology, healthcare, entertainment, and financial verticals.

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