June 1st, 2022 — 12PM EST

Monitoring threats against organizations and executives is not an easy task. Threat actors constantly move from one social media platform to another in search of a space to organize extremist activities.

Over the past three years, the global social media landscape has dramatically shifted with millions of users migrating from mainstream platforms to alternative platforms.

So how do leading companies keep track of threats in this changing environment? And why is monitoring alternative social media platforms becoming integral to protecting organizations and executives?

Join our webinar to learn all of that and more, such as:

  • A quick overview of the rise of alternative social media
  • How to monitor alternative social media in real-time
  • How to ensure a wide, real-time, and quality coverage
  • What type of actionable insights can be generated from data from alternative social media
  • How iThreat’s intelligence solution transforms data from alternative social media and other web sources into actionable insights
  • Case studies on recent threats to Elon Musk and Nike on alternative social media

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