March 10, 2022 – NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – iThreat, a leading provider of internet investigative and monitoring solutions, today announced several top-level management promotions. Company founder Jeff Bedser is now executive chairman, Ashleigh Brady, managing director, and Alyssa Barberio, director of operations. 

A Team Committed to Detecting, Analyzing, and Reporting Threat Activities

Jeff Bedser is a technical security and investigations professional who founded iThreat in 1997 to help govern the convergence of technology, the advent of the Internet, and the subsequent boom in cybercrime. Today, the iThreat platform applies targeted rules to monitor the open-source and indexed web, as well as the dark web and unindexed deep web to capture highly relevant signal intelligence to help protect clients’ digital, intellectual, and physical assets. In addition to founding iThreat, Bedser is the co-founder of CleanDNS, a company that helps Internet registry and registrar clients detect, report, and root out DNS abuses. He graduated from Rutgers College of Rutgers University with a bachelor’s in history and holds multiple certifications and industry recognitions.

iThreat’s new managing director, Ashleigh Brady, has been with iThreat since 2012, specializing in online investigations and intelligence monitoring. As managing director she’ll have added leadership responsibilities and will continue working directly with clients to help build and implement online monitoring programs using iThreat’s SignalAlert™ system. “Ashleigh is a leader.” Bedser said. “She has been an experienced point of contact for many of our clients and we are excited for her as she continues to help lead our company forward.” 

Prior to assuming her new role, Brady held various positions within the company rising from analyst to project manager and then senior manager before being named managing director.  She has a bachelor’s in criminal justice from Penn State.

In an industry where female executives are often hard to come by, iThreat can proudly claim two women among its senior leadership team. New director of operations Alyssa Barberio has followed a growth formula similar to Brady’s. Barberio has been with iThreat since 2014 and has filled several analytical and managerial roles before being promoted to her new role. “Alyssa’s hard work and determination make her an excellent choice for director of operations. She knows our business and our client needs inside and out,” Bedser said. Barberio graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. 

About iThreat

iThreat sources every corner of the web for targeted data intelligence that informs its clients of actions, threats, objectives, and capabilities of individuals and/or parties that pose a risk to clients’ digital, intellectual, and physical assets.  iThreat’s automated platforms and systems, combined with experienced data analysts, help the company manage large volumes of data to find and report on very specific threats and violations based on the prescribed needs of its clients.  In addition, the iThreat platform has broad applications and can be customized to filter data on behalf of a wide range of industries to improve business intelligence and subvert hostile or negligent activities. 

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    About iThreat

    About iThreat

    Founded in 1997, iThreat has assisted hundreds of clients with thousands of internet monitoring and investigations, including multiple successful multinational law enforcement operations.

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