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“Quick Response (QR) codes are booming in popularity and hackers are flocking to exploit the trend. Worse, according to a new study, people are mostly ignorant of how QR codes can be easily abused to launch digital attacks.” #threatintelligence

QR Codes Serve Up a Menu of Security Concerns

QR code usage is soaring in the pandemic — but malicious versions aren't something that most people think about.

“According to a paper published today, the Raccoon attack is, at its base, a timing attack, where a malicious third-party measures the time needed to perform known cryptographic operations in order to determine parts of the algorithm.” #threatintelligence

Raccoon attack allows hackers to break TLS encryption 'under certain conditions' | ZDNet

The Raccoon attack is described as "really hard to exploit" and its conditions as "rare."

“The incident describes how someone was able to ‘covertly monitor law enforcement activity while law enforcement was on the premises’ and alert his neighbor and landlord. It does not name the brand of video doorbell used.” #threatintelligence

Ring Video Doorbell 2

FBI worried that Ring doorbells are spying on police

Someone under investigation was said to be able to "covertly monitor law enforcement activity".

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