iThreat SignalAlert

Detect & Manage the Critical Risk Signals that Impact Your Organization

iThreat SignalAlert is a program that efficiently monitors for relevant risk signals that impact your organization. Backed by iThreat’s extensive investigative support capabilities, SignalAlert provides an affordable and tailor-made monitoring program that is designed to focus on your concerns and investigates relevant threats and threat actors while informing and assisting mitigation strategy.

SignalAlert monitors for threats that impact reputation, brands, executives, key staff, facilities, intellectual property, strategy, and any other topic of concern requiring near-real time awareness. SignalAlert goes beyond threat detection by providing investigative support to fully understand the nature of critical signals that affect your organization.

Automation + Experienced Analysts = Insight-Backed Reporting

With SignalAlert, powered by iThreat FusionCenter, our analysts implement and manage complex rules for threat detection across many data sources. Uncover information leaks, threats directed at key staff, extremist or activist threats of disruption, embargo agreement violations, counterfeiting, insider threats, and other security concerns.

Our data sources include mainstream social media, deepweb and darkweb sites, news sources, forums, and niche communities that directly affect operations. Our experienced analysts review relevant signals, filter false positive findings, and provide reporting of threats, reducing the workload for your global security, IP protection, legal, and risk management teams. Human-driven insight provides the critical awareness about threats that impact you the most.

More Effective than In-House Security Monitoring Teams

SignalAlert programs are more cost-efficient than building a team of analysts equipped with the necessary tools, information source access, and essential experience needed to craft manageable monitoring programs without missing important signals amidst a “sea of noise”. Rely on SignalAlert programs and skilled iThreat analysts to perform monitoring and investigative efforts. SignalAlert can also augment existing risk monitoring solutions by feeding your in-house analysts critical threat insight, allowing resources to maximize focus and efforts.

iThreat SignalAlert Customers & Programs

SignalAlert programs are typically leveraged by chief security officers, global security teams, general counsel, IP protection leaders, brand executives, PR teams, risk management teams, and global intelligence teams, but are appropriate for anyone seeking to maintain awareness of important developments and information for almost any topic of concern.

The SignalAlert Difference

Above and Beyond Threat Detection

There are plenty of threat detection tool offerings that simply scan for digital anomalies. SignalAlert is not one of these tools. Instead, SignalAlert programs are a cohesive approach combining our investigative expertise and technology to detect consequential dialogue and text individuals are posting or reporting.

SignalAlert analysts are adept at fully understanding threat communities and locating additional data sources that may be relevant. SignalAlert builds and modifies rules based on observed trends to create effective and cost-efficient monitoring programs.

iThreat’s widespread experience across a vast array of industries and clients helps provide a deep comprehension of your threat landscape and allows us to quickly find the relevant signals that most impact your organization.

SignalAlert is NOT Cyber Threat Intelligence

SignalAlert contextually detects threat signals via online sources to attain understanding of the nature of threats, both real and implied, that face our clients. Our programs are an evolution in the effectiveness of threat monitoring and investigation programs.

SignalAlert doesn’t stop at detection. Our investigative expertise can identify the source and assist mitigation of the threats.

Powered by iThreat FusionCenter

iThreat FusionCenter, the platform behind SignalAlert, revolves around robust data sourcing customization, incredible signal detection efficiency and comprehensive review and reporting capability. FusionCenter is at the core of what drives SignalAlert’s ability to streamline your intelligence to produce much more signal and far less noise, and do so affordably.

The platform’s intelligent data collection engine is extremely flexible and data agnostic, which allows for new and custom data sources to be integrated. A single rules/filters engine, created and refined by our analysts and centrally applied to all data sources and providers, creates essential efficiency, consistency and ease of review and helps quickly uncover trends and patterns of victimization across data sources.

The FusionCenter-facilitated review and reporting process also ensures concise, accurate and valuable reporting before promotion to the SignalAlert dashboard or distribution to other client environments.

We offer the following SignalAlert programs:

SignalAlert Security Threat Monitoring
SignalAlert Security Threat Monitoring reports threats to brands, executives, key staff, facilities, business reputation, sensitive information, and business continuity. SignalAlert quickly detects critical signals, investigates the threats, and provides recommendations that inform your mitigation strategy, allowing proactive response to threats.

SignalAlert IP Lifecycle Protection
SignalAlert IP Lifecycle Protection reports unauthorized content leaks related to your intellectual property and sensitive information over the product or service lifecycle from conception to public availability and through key revenue generation windows. SignalAlert is a well-suited solution for entertainment industry anti-circumvention and anti-piracy purposes.

SignalAlert OSINT Investigative Support
SignalAlert OSINT Investigative Support is built upon iThreat’s decades of experience investigating Internet-threat actors and communities while using our findings to help our clients take mitigating actions. Our clients benefit from our proven effectiveness at uncovering the identity of “anonymous” screen names and critical details about threat communities targeting our clients’ interests and detecting public information relevant to our clients.

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