Running a company requires a broad set of skills. From managing procurement, to product quality, client engagement, brand vision, and more, there’s always something that needs close attention from the executive team. But a business is more than what it sells – it’s also the people that proudly get to work every day, focusing on challenges and delivering for customers.

In this highly connected time, it’s not unusual for employees to proudly talk about their careers online, often becoming de facto ambassadors for the companies they work for and its values. However, with so many people actively sharing their work lives via social media profiles and professional networks, it has become relatively easy for nefarious actors to make them targets of online harassment and abuse.

Protect Your Staff with SignalAlert

iThreat SignalAlert was built to catch online threats early before they cause real-world harm. By monitoring all corners of the web in real-time, SignalAlert can zero in on posts that mention companies, products, and even specific employees as they are shared. Whether the commentary is on social media or dark web forums, SignalAlert can find it. And once SignalAlert has spotted the dialogue, we can investigate it, helping businesses understand the threats they may face and how to defend against them.

Executive Protection: Uncover Online Threats Directed at Staff

Reputation Protection

The reputation of your company and employees is crucial to maintaining your success. iThreat SignalAlert can inform you when a person is being disparaged online. We monitor for threats or misinformation campaigns directed against executives, in addition to investigative services that can reveal potentially negative exposure before an executive hiring.


For over 25 years, iThreat’s licensed investigatory expertise has been there, assisting hundreds of clients across thousands of probes. We are experts in helping businesses find the signals in the noise, allowing companies to not only understand the nature of a threat but also how to shut it down.

Employee Peace of Mind

With iThreat SignalAlert, your staff will know the executive team cares about their wellbeing. After all, a great company can also be a strong community. By monitoring employee safety and reputation online, you’re ensuring the team can focus on delivering great things for your brand.

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