You put an enormous amount of effort into your content. Whether that’s a video game, a movie, or a TV show, protecting your entertainment brand’s intellectual property from counterfeiting and piracy is not just about looking out for the value of the product itself, but also respecting the talent, energy, and efforts of all those who contributed to it.

In this age of information leaks and digital piracy, there has never been a more voracious appetite for overzealous fans and nefarious characters to get their hands on your works before you’re ready to roll them out to the world. This is where iThreat comes in. By monitoring data across the internet, iThreat is able to actively gather and compile valuable intelligence about your IP, notifying you quickly should it make it to even the darkest corners of the web.

Protect your Entertainment Brand and Content with SignalAlert

iThreat SignalAlert detects, reports, and investigates internet dialogue that pose counterfeiting and piracy risks to your organization. Our analysts implement and manage complex rules to detect content leaks, trademark infringement, piracy, unauthorized uses, and brand infringement  across many data sources that can include social media, deep web and dark web, news sources, forums, and online niche communities.

Protect Your Entertainment Brand and Contact from Counterfeiting and Piracy

Lifecycle Monitoring

Access intelligence throughout your content products’ life cycles. From development and discovery, production monitoring, pre- and post-launch tracking and more, iThreat reports to you only the most relevant signals.

Leak Investigations

iThreat has over 25 years of proven and licensed investigatory expertise. We have assisted hundreds of clients with thousands of monitoring and investigations efforts. Find out who, how, and where a leak originated in order to take appropriate action.

Protect Revenue

Detect unauthorized modifications and piracy of protected content. Detect and stop the distribution of content through unauthorized channels or platforms.

Reputation Protection

Your entertainment brand’s reputation is everything. iThreat alerts you when action is needed to improve or defend your brand’s image.

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