Threat Intelligence Programs


Diverse Threat Surfaces

  • Social Media / Online Communities
  • Darkweb / Deepweb
  • DNS Data
  • Abuse Data
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Internal Data Sources

Diverse Threat Vectors

  • Piracy
  • Brand
  • Executive Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Cyber Threat
  • Geopolitical / Geophysical

Who We Are

Founded in 1997, iThreat has been on the leading edge of threat intelligence since the early days of the Internet. iThreat is a next-generation threat intelligence and analytics firm that focuses automation and expertise to generate near-real-time, prescriptive, predictive and ultimately actionable intelligence programs. iThreat is focused on commercial markets, with unique expertise in the technology, healthcare, entertainment and financial verticals. iThreat is fully GDPR compliant.

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