Enriched Data Solutions (EDS)

Enriched Data Solutions (EDS)

Just Need Data? Our Predictive and Prescriptive Data Enhances Your Threat Awareness

iThreat has created one of the largest evolving dynamic data sets in the industry to deliver comprehensive predictive and prescriptive threat intelligence on bad actors and methods. Data is provided in near-real time, allowing almost instantaneous awareness of changes in badness, well before other solutions available today. iThreat data is uniquely targeted and enriched, including historical lookback and evolutionary information, and is directly tied to Internet infrastructure, assisting organizations to block, filter and prevent interaction with untrusted or dangerous websites, IP addresses, and criminal-crafted and owned platforms.


Our Proprietary Industry-Leading Data Enrichment Process

iThreat data is refined to extract and highlight specific proper names, events, terms or nomenclature associated with your organization. Output is then enhanced by a proprietary processes used to gather, improve and enumerate large volume data, which is not available anywhere else on the market. Then it is delivered via API to the customer. Our data is utilized by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies for:

  • Phishing, spam and malware prevention
  • Government filter/blocklist support
  • Infrastructure filtering (ISP/C.E.R.T.)
  • Corporate network defense
  • Network security
  • Financial transaction monitoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Fraud prevention