iThreat CleanDNS®

Evidence-Based DNS Abuse Mitigation

Elevate Your Fight Against Abuse

iThreat’s CleanDNS® platform is a domain abuse monitoring and case management tool that facilitates the response, tracking and mitigation of reported abuse.

How CleanDNS® Works​

Initially informed by reputable abuse data sources including top domain abuse feeds, commercial, non-profit and academic DNS abuse feeds, CleanDNS® enhances abuse records with an evidence-based workflow to create actionable reports. Supplemented by iThreat’s connections to industry experts, notifiers and reporters in government, law enforcement, academia and research circles, CleanDNS® dashboard provides relevant insight and evidence, along with an effective way of managing abuse detection, reporting, and mitigation.

CleanDNS® Operates By:​

Intake of DNS Abuse Report Sources
Identification of abuse activity via all top-level domains both gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domains) and country code top-level domains (ccTLD).

Domain / DNS Threat Data Evaluation
iThreat’s expert analysts evaluate the nature of the abuse, collected evidence from DNS, registration, screenshots, and 3rdparty sources as well as the context of the report.

Enabling Rapid Response and Mitigation
Managed notification process to minimize abuse uptime.

Customizable to Fit Your Anti-Abuse Management Needs

CleanDNS® can be tailored to integrate with the specific needs of your anti-abuse operations, in addition to measuring the effectiveness of your unique abuse mitigation policies:

  • Expert analyst-supported anti-abuse programs that are custom policy driven
  • Integration with existing back-end operations for outsourced abuse management solution
  • User-friendly dashboard providing a comprehensive history and view of identified abuse activities and analyst evaluation records measurement
  • Program measurement via analytics of volume, responsiveness and performance
  • iThreat analyst investigative support augments abuse records with verified evidence and uncovers additional patterns of abuse, strengthening notification and mitigation efforts
  • A centralized, collaborative and detail-oriented case management system keeps all data, documentation, and communications organized and accessible

The iThreat CleanDNS® dashboard is a command center that streamlines your abuse monitoring, tracking and mitigation activities.

How CleanDNS® Helps You

The iThreat’s CleanDNS® platform’s domain abuse monitoring and case management capabilities can be operated entirely by your team, be supplemented by support from iThreat’s expert analysts, or completely managed by iThreat’s analysts on your behalf.


CleanDNS® provides registries with abuse management services for their portfolio of TLDs and supplements or establishes their domain abuse mitigation programs. The platform allows registries to measure program-specific indicators of their unique abuse measurement policies, programs and initiatives. Automated reporting from trusted notifiers and expert iThreat analysts drives program mitigation and measurement. Evidence-based abuse reporting simplifies and accelerates the mitigation process. CleanDNS® also helps registries stay compliant with ICANN Registry Agreement Specification 11.3b by tracking required measurement and reporting.


CleanDNS® provides registrars with evidence-based abuse management services that simplify and accelerate the abuse mitigation process. Interface options allow for reporting to resellers and/or hosting entities. CleanDNS® can also assist registrars by tracking and providing data to registries that offer incentive programs based upon the overall quality of the registrar’s domain portfolio, such as the Public Interest Registry’s Quality Program Index, which ultimately helps improve registrar margins.

Government Services

CleanDNS® helps government agencies detect and mitigate domain-based abuse such as government service-based phishing or malware distribution originating in their country, while measuring effectiveness of overall mitigation strategies. The platform’s evidence abuse reporting simplifies and accelerates mitigation procedures.  Early detection of abuse patterns and indicators by CleanDNS® assist with identification of likely sources of abuse and reduction of victimization of consumers to help government resources focus more on their services and less time processing complaints.

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