Special Promotion

Special Promotion

Did you have any surprises in the past year that cost your company money, time, or damaged your reputation? What challenges are you trying to get ahead of in the remainder of the year, and through 2020?

iThreat can help with Threat Intelligence Programs that allow you to anticipate and proactively manage threats to your people, assets, and brands, and save you the money, time, and effort you spent dealing with costly surprises.

If you are looking for an “intelligence” way to spend your end of year budget, we will work with new clients to come up with a program that will get you benefits quickly, and if you sign a 1 year contract for a Threat Intelligence or Lifecyle Protection program we will offer a 20% discount on your first full year. Multi-year programs will enjoy a multi-year discount.

Let us help you find an “Intelligence” way to spend your end of year budget and get ahead of next year. This special promotion ends 11/30/2019.

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