Datastreamer iThreat Customer Story


iThreat was honored to be featured as a Datastreamer ‘Customer Story’Datastreamer is an iThreat partner and key data source leveraged in iThreat SignalAlert Monitoring & Investigations Programs via our FusionCenter platform.

Datastreamer brings billions of pieces of data together and creates a pipeline for iThreat analysts.  Their pipeline allows iThreat analysts to filter and aggregate large data sets to quickly uncover trends and consequential text and human threats representing security risks to iThreat clients.  iThreat found Datastreamer’s data to be quick, accurate, and specific to the needs of our clients.  Detecting threats accurately and quickly are vital to assist analysts in the reporting process. iThreat clients rely on our services to mitigate problems and minimize victimization, and Datastreamer data meets these important requirements.

iThreat was able to incorporate the Datastreamer pipeline into our SignalAlert Monitoring and Investigations Programs via the iThreat FusionCenter Platform.  This allows iThreat analysts to run precise monitoring and investigative queries against a large amount of data from various Internet sources via Datastreamer full-text search.  Our FusionCenter monitoring rules are executed against the Datastreamer pipeline, allowing iThreat to quickly find important threat signals amid a sea of noise.

With Datastreamer and their data partner network providing iThreat more Internet data source coverage, iThreat ensures our development resources are focused on improving our FusionCenter platform; building monitoring, investigative, and reporting efficiencies for our analysts and customers.

For over 20 years, iThreat has been at the forefront of threat signal monitoring for client organizations and their assets. Our solutions detect, investigate, and find and mitigate threats to our customers, including investigative services.  iThreat SignalAlert programs detect important human-driven dialogue and text representing real and implied threats to our customers, including information leaks, intellectual property theft and circumvention, brand disparagement and infringement, threats directed at key staff, key staff exposures and risks, threats of disruption, embargo agreement violations, counterfeiting, insider threats, and other security concerns.

We invite you to learn more about what Datastreamer and iThreat can do for you.

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