Threat Analysis


Learn about threats before
they occur.


Understanding the threat 24/7

Identifying threats is one thing. Putting them in context, understanding what they mean, and prioritizing your anti-threat strategy is another.

ICG’s combination of human and machine analysis capitalizes on the strengths of two complementary threat analysis tactics:

  • Our proprietary software sifts through millions of data points to find patterns and links that can be early warning signs of threats to you and your company. The technology does what human beings cannot: it reduces white noise and superfluous information so humans are only looking at highest probability of relevance.

For example, a seemingly innocent tweet on Twitter may point to a short, innocuous-looking URL that redirects to a “paste” site that may only be live for 15 minutes. We follow that thread in near real-time and connect the digital dots that match a known pattern of threats.

  • Then our human analysts, all with years of experience, find additional connections, put each threat into context, and turn a complex puzzle into a simple, effective anti-threat strategy. They understand the hidden meaning of veiled language and how serious a threat really is. Is this three people spouting off or a single cell of a larger organization with a serious, credible plan? Our analysts know.

ICG's threat analysis capitalizes on the strengths of proprietary technology and experienced human analysts.


Analysts are available 24/7 for support, answers or discussion.