Our Approach


Learn about threats before
they occur.


Threats against people, processes and property

Driven by technology, with oversight by highly skilled human analysts, ICG uses our method-patented process to provide big data and targeted threat-data analysis customized to the needs of each client. We monitor, investigate and track the individuals and groups who threaten companies, facilities, employees, processes and intellectual property.

Proactive protection

To protect against future threats, we provide comprehensive analysis of impending and potential issues. This analysis can identify where your organization is most exposed to threat, as well as the likely sources of those threats.

We also use research, analysis and investigation to provide trend analysis and predictive modeling, again to identify and mitigate threatening activities before they occur.


We monitor and investigate groups that threaten companies, facilities, employees, processes and intellectual property.


Mitigating threats in every industry

Individuals and organizations around the world rely on ICG to help identify and protect against cyber threats, including:

  • Global 2500 companies
  • Multi-national companies
  • Government agencies
  • Law and investigation firms
  • Healthcare companies
  • Intellectual Property producers
  • Financial institutions
  • High net worth/high-profile individuals